2019 Climate Chagne Painting Competition

  • 2019 年 04 月 20 日
  • 2019/02/28-2019/04/20
  • Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy
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Theme: Let's Go! Energy Detective

Register website: Click me

Enrollment & Submission Date: February 28 –April 20

Open to: 10-16 years old

Entry submission deadline: before 6pm on Friday, April 20, the painting entries must be sent to the Foundation

Method of submission: after completing the online registration, submit the “Registration Form” by cutting it out or handwriting on the back left bottom corner of the entry submission, and send to the Foundation

Painting specifications: all submissions must be uniformly made on standard painting paper (38 x 27cm) [approximately B4], but no cut-out or three dimensional submissions are accepted

Submissions to be sent to: Climate Change Painting Competition Working Group
             (5F., No.35, Ln. 11, Guangfu N. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City 105, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Competition Stages: County and City Competition Stages, International Contest Stage, and Finals Round

This year’s Painting Competition will include the UN Sustainable Development Goal #17: Climate Action, with the theme of “Let’s GO! Energy Detective”, to guide students to concrete realization of the more abstract conceptions of climate change, and to encourage the students to share their own concern and aspirations for the Earth by practical efforts for climate action through painting creativity, as a means of contributing sustainable positivity to the environment which raised and nurtured the students.


Theme Ideas

  • Energy saving and carbon reduction start from me

Do you know what is climate change? Climate change refers to changes in the natural environment, such as severe temperature differences, melting glaciers, melting of permafrost, death of coral reefs, rising sea levels, changes in ecosystems, and increased frequency of floods and droughts.  These dramatic changes usually result from human behavior. In our daily life, energy is consumed through numerous mediums , such as electricity, transportation, etc.  Carbon emission is increased while we are using energy, which is detrimental to climate change! We can contribute to protecting the planet through reducing energy usage, low-carbon life, and protecting the environment. Think about what we can do together to achieve an energy-saving and low carbon emission living!

  • I want a better future

Most of our current energy consumption came from burning coals and fossil fuels, and we must know that significant pollution arises throughout the process from mining to emission of carbon! In addition to worsening of air quality, our health is affected and the impact of climate change exacerbates. Nevertheless, are you aware that cleaner energy such as solar energy, wind energy, hydropower are developing. If these energy sources are popularized in the future, it will significantly reduce carbon emissions and bring us a better environment!

Judging scoring standard:   




Theme contents


The painting theme and structure must include climate action efforts, energy efficiency and carbon reduction, climate change, sustainable energy and environmental protection related issues.

Creativity and Innovation


The imagination and creativity of the work’s construct, and its ability to aptly express one’s ideas about the Competition themes. The painting must be an original work of the painter, with no hint of copying, plagiarizing, or similarity to other works.

Painting Quality


Painting technique, lines, colors and the overall aesthetic appearance.


1.Entry submission deadline: 28th of February- 20th of April

2.Object: 10-16 years old

3.Method of submission: after completing the online registration, submit the “Registration Form” by cutting it out or handwriting on the back left bottom corner of the entry submission, and send to the Foundation

4.Painting specifications: all submissions must be uniformly made on standard painting paper (38 x 27cm) [approximately B4], but no cut-out or three dimensional submissions are accepted.

5.Submissions to be sent to: Climate Change Painting Competition Working Group (5F., No.35, Ln. 11, Guangfu N. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City 105, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

6.Exhibition: The Event’s award winning entries (for the County and City Competition stages, International Contest, and Finals Round), will be collected in part and published in a Special Edition, and the Finals winners will be displayed at the Taoyuan International Airport.

7.Competition Notes:

  • Each entrant is limited to one work and may not be co-authored.
  • The works can be expressed in various painting styles such as watercolor, crayons, prints, ink paintings, colored pens, etc. Do not use sketches and scrapbooking to participate in the competition, do not need to be decorated, do not be gorgeous, and do not accept three-dimensional works.
  • As this competition is a non-poster competition for painting competitions, please do not write texts and various environmental protection stamps ( water-saving seals, environmental seals, carbon footprint stamps, etc. ) in the paintings.
  • If the delivery process of the work is damaged, it is not responsible, please be careful to pack.
  • In order to cope with energy saving and carbon reduction, this activity will be registered online.
  • • Entries are limited to original works that have not been published, and it is strictly forbidden to steal other people's works, and may not violate the relevant provisions of the Intellectual Property Law. Offenders will be disqualified or eligible to win. If the offender is found and raised an objection by the original author, in addition to recovering the reward according to law, and is responsible for the legal liability for violation of copyright, it has nothing to do with the organizer.
  • The entries will not be returned.The winning entries will be selected by the finalists. The organizer has the right to collect, display and publish, and will not pay any future rewards or royalties.
  • Participants can play on their own when creating, but don't overly deviate from the theme.
  • After the selection, the award-winning certificate will be sent to the designated unit and the recipient's name (the name and office of the school; the address of the home is not required) to ensure that each winning student can get it within the time limit.
  • The information, such as the school, name and other information above the certificate, the name of the certificate, etc. are all filled in. Please fill in the information carefully. If there is any mistake, please react with the Foundation immediately.
  • After the certificate and prizes are sent, the designated recipients will be notified by E-mail . If the certificates and prizes are not received within one month, they will be called within 10 days to ask for the status of the certificate. If there is a negligence in the postal information inquiry, it can be applied for reissue. It will not be accepted after the deadline.
  • The organizer reserves the right to make final revisions, changes, event explanations and cancellations of this activity.
  • Registration for the competition is in compliance with the selection rules and the final selection results of the organizer, and there should be no objection to the selection results.

About climate change

What is UN Sustainable Development Goals ?

This year's theme this year's event is in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goal 17: "Climate Action", with the theme "Let’s GO! Energy Detective", guiding students to conceptualize the abstract climate change concept, but what is " United Nations Sustainable Development Goals"?

In September 2015, countries around the world adopted the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda at the UN meeting, which covered 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which came into effect on January 1, 2016. These new goals apply to all countries, so over the next 15 years, countries will work to eliminate all forms of poverty, achieve equality and address climate change, while ensuring that no problems are missed.

The Sustainable Development Goals are built on the results of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and aim to eliminate all forms of poverty. And based on the original sustainable development criteria "to meet contemporary needs, while not compromising the development of future generations to meet their needs" to complete the task. The new goal also calls for concerted action by all countries, including poor, rich and middle-income countries, to promote prosperity and protect the planet.

The Sustainable Development Goals towards the 2030 Agenda integrates the five major frameworks of social, economic and environmental, and proposes five new elements, emphasizing the interrelationship of goal integration, hoping to fight poverty while implementing economic growth, education, health, and Social needs such as social protection and employment opportunities, and correspond to the face of climate action and environmental protection.

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